A “transmission loss” in communication of the company’s strategic priorities.

The CEO of a large industrial company once stated that the strategic priority of his company is to improve cost leadership, and to achieve this specifically by improving “doing first time right” in all aspects of the business.

Subsequently, we asked a cohort of front line managers at the company’s factory about their priorities in reviewing the factory results; we were surprised to hear that “doing first time right” was not one of their focus areas at all!  And it showed up as

Test it Yourself!
Ask your frontline manager about the “top 3 business priorities” of the company. Chances are that mostly his answers will not match with the company’s stated priorities.

ever increasing “quality problems and rework” at the factory.

What is the issue here?

A “transmission loss” in communication of the company’s strategic priorities.

the leaders at each level have either not understood the strategic message or they have not conveyed it to their team below and help them translate it to their everyday work.

The success of the team, the organisation and their market presence is held hostage to such things that are obvious yet get taken for granted for the very same reason.

We believe that the frontline teams are the most disadvantaged population when it comes to being taught how to work and lead better.

When a star performer is promoted to managerial position, it is detrimental and even dangerous to assume he will be a star-manager too! He/ she need deliberate practice and coaching to teach them about the new role and challenges they assume.

We believe that unless the frontline teams are taught to think, relate and execute differently….

– they will not create the impact they want to create

– the team will not realise the sum potential of its various parts

– the organisation cannot assure solid execution around their strategy.

KRISIN’s Effective Frontline Program weaves together our two offerings to create a powerful, unique framework for building effective frontline execution.

  1. Making sure critical team processes are adopted by everyone in the frontline unit.

  1. Each leader in the frontline team builds himself/ herself around certain foundational capabilities for a leader at that level and follows it.

The Effective Frontline Program focuses intensely on creating the optimum conditions at the frontline: both at the team level and the individual level for increasing effectiveness and sustainable execution excellence.

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