Learning to learn?

The amount of inspirational quotes on habits and behaviours and change and improvement that I have read, if listed, can compete with Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past.

“Learning to Learn” – What a ponderous, insightful, exciting, yet an eye-roll deserving phrase it is! Being steeped in this whole business, as a passion, profession, penance, plah, plah, plah, I still cannot help rolling my eyes every time I hear or use this phrase!

I love wasting time; and in one such time I thought meditatively about this. I thought of what all one could learn – Eating, Swimming, Gallivanting, Reading, Painting, Couch potato-ing.

What does “Learning to Eat”, “Learning to Swim”, Learning to Gallivant” mean? Means actually DOING those things so you get better and faster at it I guess.

That is when the penny dropped… You know what? I always thought by propounding “Learning to Learn” the experts meant you have to learn HOW to learn. What if they just meant the obvious? What if they meant, “Just go and bloody learn something!” in order to learn how to learn! What if it is not the eye-roll phrase I always thought it was, but actually a simple, sensible, call-for-action phrase!!!?

I am glad.. Now I can use this without a sinking heart!

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