As a leader, the first person I need to lead is me. The first person that I should try to change is me.”

– John C. Maxwell 

If there is one thing I have complete faith on, it is that most human beings want to do whatever they are doing well.

No one says “No, I do not want to do whatever I am doing in the best possible way”.

No one says “No,

 I do not want to succeed in what I am doing, I am ok if it fails”. 

No one says “I am not really happy if I do a good job; I am happier if I do a mediocre one”.

No one says “Whatever I am doing is not important enough to do well”.

And on this thread of hope, rests the purpose and drive and passion for the work I do; and of countless others in my field.   

Otherwise, why would I do what I do, in spite of intimately experiencing the truth in “You can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink”. 

It is such a fist-pumping,  “Yesssss…my faith is vindicated again” moment – When you are an instrument in someone figuring out what they need to do to do well in whatever they are doing. And you see them pumped up, confident, happier, springier as a result.

And it makes all the hard work, the seeming dead-ends, the seemingly insurmountable walls, the lows and ebbs of your own energies, the frustration, the despair – makes all of these and more negligible; and fuels you for more. 

In just the last 4 months alone, I have seen people discovering ceilings they had put on themselves and breaking them; I have seen people get in touch with what truly matters to them and get the courage to stand for it; I have seen people facing unpleasant truths about their behaviours and have the courage to make a change; I have seen people moving from the pits of low self-esteem and self-doubt to a determination to do whatever it takes to deliver their responsibility well.

This whole business of showing the mirror, reflection, realisations, they are all such aha moments – both for the mirror and the subject. (okay, okay, for the coach and the person :)). But what has been even more gratifying for me in my company’s work is to also walk along the path with the participant – to guide them and help them make a change; to help them realise their dream of doing whatever they are doing well.

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