Design & Manufacturing Company

Problem Statement

The team was constantly in a fire-fighting mode; last-minute workarounds, late nights, battles with suppliers and chaos were accepted as the order of the day.


The Business Head and the Team Leads spent much of their time in resolving crisis and doing urgent tasks; rather than on planning, business development, team development, etc.

KRISIN’s Intervention

Worked with the team to:

create mind-set shifts around best practices, excellence, ownership and collaboration

develop key foundational work habits individually.


Better planning, forecasting and scheduling of work

Improved expectation setting and communication within the team

Better delegation and utilisation of the frontline resources

Textile Industry Major

Problem Statement

A first-time manager heading the Accounts department was struggling with challenges around planning, time management, trust and delegation.


As the manager’s time was spent in doing what his team should be doing, he was unable to execute effectively on his new role.

KRISIN’s Intervention

Worked with the Accounts Head to:

Challenge his mindset and assumptions around how the rest of the company worked

Move from depending on seniors for solutions to trying a problem-solving approach


Better planning and scheduling of work

IImproved communication between Accounts and the business units

Improved initiative, problem solving and ownership

The Company

KRISIN is founded by learning and leadership development professionals, with more than 50 years of combined experience in helping individuals, teams and organisations to work, lead and perform better.

The founders are management graduates with many years of experience in consulting, as part of the Big 4 and on their own.

Our cornerstone philosophy is that unless a person is regularly stepping out of his/ her comfort zones and pushing boundaries he/ she will not find the success they seek; be it as an individual, as a Team Leader or as a Business Head.


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