Our Mission

Help each professional to be a little more effective, a little more successful and hence much more self-confident, engaged and joyful in their pursuit of work and life.

KRISIN is a collaboration of 3 minds.
1 Thought-leadership & Subject Matter Expertise
2 Cutting edge research on learning and behaviour change
3 Business leadership of GrowthStory’s Founding Partners
"Deliberately, consciously, practising the desired change at all levels, has to be the top priority"

Can we provide people the tools and support to value-tise the learning & change investments they make?
At KRISIN, we are doing just that - helping all the learning and change stakeholders to derive visibility, actionable insights and decision-support through our pioneering solution.

Gowri Sinha Founder

A management graduate from XLRI, Gowri worked in IT Strategy & BPR consulting with NIIT, PwC and KPMG. She then discovered the utterly fascinating and energising world of people development, when she started on her own journey of personal evolution, growth and quest for better success.

While on this she became a certified facilitator and a coach. After an initial entrepreneurial stint and a back-to-corporate stint with the School of Inspired Leadership, Gowri launched KRISIN. Her own experience in creating a change for the better in herself and her professional learning & development experiences led to the conviction that it is highly critical to provide learners a strong and attentive support through the period of learning and practising, for effective adoption of best practices to occur.

Gowri launched KRISIN with the mission of helping each professional to be a little more effective, a little more impactful, a little more successful and hence much more self-confident, much more engaged and much more joyful in their pursuit of work and life.

Gowri also hosts a one-of-its-kind video blog KRISIN Star Leader Series, that features successful leaders from different walks of life. In this the leaders share their top practices and principles that have helped them achieve desired results and success. Gowri’s objective in this is to bring to actionable-life the wealth of experience and wisdom of the stalwarts, thereby giving the aspiring, ambitious young workforce useful practices in a ready-to-use form, for them to be inspired with “i-can-do-too”.

Gowri believes implicitly in the power of experiences, experiments and reflections to deliver transformation and growth; some of her ardent engagements other than KRISIN include theatre, fiction, music, tamarind rice and spiritual practices.

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