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Learning is a space that has seen blindingly fast evolution in the last 15 years and continues to have immense potential for innovation and disruption, offering mind-blowing opportunities for delivering value and impact at scale.

KRISIN is an exciting leadership-tech start-up in the $140 Billion+ Corporate Learning space*, with pioneering cloud-based product offerings for sustainable, point-of-work leadership development at scale.

We have found our purpose in enabling, helping and supporting another human-being to know, appreciate and live to their potential and capabilities.

Our mission is to help every professional be more effective, hence more successful and hence more joyful at work and life!

We are looking for team members with a dream to create, a desire to work for a larger purpose and a drive to give more than 100%. There are various full-time or gig opportunities.

Some of the profiles/ roles we are looking for are:

  • Passionate Coaches with a desire to create larger impact
  • Techies with business skills and can also code if needed

We also have gig opportunities:

  • Freelance Videographers & editors for part-time assignments
  • Research Interns for helping us with on-going content research

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