The Holy Grail

Sustainable Learning
Effective Change Management
Effectively Demonstrated On-the-Job Behaviours

The intended outcome of any learning/ change intervention is positive behaviour change
You can achieve it if the Learner engages with all the 3 stages that makes learning stick.
Mind-set & Goals Where am I now?
Where do I want to reach?
Knowledge & Tools What do I need to know in order to get there?
Practice & Reflection Loop How/ How often/ How long?
Is it working/ Is it enough/ How else?
The 3rd piece needs to happen consistently, intensely and close to the learning for a chance at the holy grail.
We propose to keep the learning intensity of the learner high enough for a long enough period, to give the learner the support they need, till application becomes a habit.

The role the personality of the learner plays in his/ her learning is significant and is best addressed by an expert.

That is why our design is anchored on TECH-ENABLED-HUMAN-CONNECT.

Our design knows that no two human beings think alike, and no two learners learn alike. Each learner-leader’s context, motivations, challenges, derailers and enablers are different.

A learning solution that only addresses the role-level needs without accounting for the individual level needs will not give the desired results.

So both human-driven understanding, empathy & personalisation and technology-driven flexibility, trackability, usability, measurement and analytics need to come together in an orchestrated choreography.

Our Offer

Hyper-individualised, contextualized, practice-able learning at the Point-of-Application


We bring the critical part of learning and change - the doing & the practising - to the place and time the leader needs it most - when he or she is at work.

We focus on helping the leader answer the many “HOWs”.

Our Practice Coach helps each leader find answers to the HOWs, action on them with deliberate attention and practice them consistently.

Our Platform, KRISIN Cloud, serves as a real-time, ready-access tool & mirror for each leader to keep up their learning intensity with its many features.

This practice is what significantly improves the rate of application and moves the learning into consistent on-the-job-behaviours.

Completely Customisable to the Organisational Competencies and Individual Context

Become 10X Better at Anything You Want