The choreography of multiple elements makes KRISIN Cloud a power-packed solution

  • Personalised & Contextualized Clarity
  • Practice-Coach Connects
  • Practice Tracking & Metric
  • Enrolling Peers, Managers, Significant others
  • Social & Collaborative Learning
  • Exposure to Excellence
  • Feedback on Efforts

Hyper-individualised, contextualized, practice-able learning at the Point-of-Application

Personalised Dashboards

The participant dashboard enables learners to track their action plans, review progress against the plans and access learning resources curated for their individual journey.

Track Program Progress

Real-time dynamics on dashboards to gain visibility into the progress of the program, journey and performance of participants.

Share with peers

Use the discussion boards to share your experiences, ideas, ask questions, get help and learn together.

Help at your finger tips

Quickly search the learning resources to find best-of-class insights, inspirations, knowledge and tools in the areas you are diligently working on to develop in yourself.

Always Connected

Get notified and updated when things happen, notifications delivered right on the web, to your mailbox and via SMS on your phone.

Easy Access Anytime

Purely responsive interactive dashboards enabling everyone to go mobile and experience the platform across all the screens.

Data Secure Platform

Using industry-standard encryption and secure technologies, we make sure your data is safe with KRISIN Cloud.

Leadership Practice Journeys

KRISIN’s ambitious offering complements and completes the role-driven, horizontal Learning Journeys with the hyper-individualised, vertical Practice Journeys. We help to complete the transition from learning to demonstrated on-job-behaviours.

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Change Management

To engage, enroll and enable people in any change process (such as I & D, EVP, M & A, culture transformations, etc.) for organisation wide clarity, roll-out and visibility of the expected change-behaviours. A powerful tool for organisation-wide and global-level change management.

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First-time Leaders

Visible, trackable and at-scale training-to-application loop around foundational leadership behaviours for first-time leaders. A never-before opportunity for them to get personalised support when they are at their most vulnerable stage of people leadership in their career.

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Role Transitions

To skill and empower leaders for imminent or present role transitions, supporting them with sharp focus on just what they need when they need it. Supports the leaders to bring themselves up-to-speed for the new demands in a shorter time frame.

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Completely Customisable to the Organisational Competencies and Individual Context

Become 10X Better at Anything You Want